What is prayer?

The most basic definition of prayer is “talking to God.” Prayer is a direct address to God. It is the primary way for the believer in Jesus Christ to communicate with God and to fellowship with God. All prayer must be offered in faith (James 1:6) in the name of the Lord Jesus (John 16:23) and in the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:26).

There is an incredible power in prayer. We invite God into a situation and into our lives. Prayer changes things, but even more, prayer changes us. As we grow in our prayer life, we become more alive and more engaged with what God is doing.

Why should we pray?

Prayer is a form of serving God(Luke 2:36-38) and obeying Him. We pray because God commands us to pray (Philippians 4:6-7). Prayer is exemplified for us by Christ and the early church (Mark 1:35; Acts 1:14). If Jesus thought it was worthwhile to pray, we should also.

We should pray because God intends prayer to be the means of obtaining His solutions in situations. We pray to demonstrate our faith in God, that He will do as He promised in His Word and bless our lives abundantly more than we could ask or hope (Ephesians 3:20).