MORNING GLORY 24/7 “The Gathering”

On a virtual audio app called Clubhouse, Kingdom First Network Global connects 3.6K Believers everyday, 24 hours a day, 7 days week, to read scripture, prayminister, fellowship, and give to one another according to Acts 2:42-27.

The Covid-19 pandemic for the last 24 months caused the Believers to become inactive in fellowship, care, and connection. Kingdom First Network Global does not aim to replace the local church, but to provide a space where people can actively engage in fellowship, care, and connection.

Our ministry purpose creates a Kingdom-ecosystem ministering to the whole man (spirit, soul, and body).  Our core value of “presence over program” allows the Holy Spirit to move freely in meeting the needs which enter our space over a 24-hour period. Volunteers are trained in intercessory prayer and discipleship.  Our geographic reach includes New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and is expanding.

Morning Manna w/Preacher

by Pastor Roger Doyne "aka" Preacher